The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles:

Skelly's Square

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A malevolent phantom, ‘Colonel Agustus Skelly’ has haunted the footsteps of Kirkwood Scott since childhood, reminding him every day of his father’s murder—tormenting him with his guilt.  Labelled as a mental illness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Kirkwood’s life has been controlled by the Colonel’s torturous routines, known as ‘The 49’.  But, all that changes when he meets Meredith Starc, a homeless woman struggling to stay a step ahead and reeling from the death of her best friend Emily, who she insists is trying to communicate with her from beyond the grave.  There’s also her blood drenched dreams.  Vivid nightmares where Meredith is chased by a figure familiar to Kirkwood . . . Skelly,

The two join forces to unearth a gritty, supernatural reality simmering under the streets of Belfast.  There’s a war unfolding between good and evil, and the outcome will decide the fate of the planet.  Guided by a kindly tramp, Cornelius Dobson, who is not all he seems, and a wheelchair bound teenager, Harley Davison, they realise they hold the key to saving mankind from a new Dark Age.  But can they survive long enough to do so, as Skelly unleashes a legion of vicious ghost soldiers upon an unsuspecting city?

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